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Dr. WANG Qiangwei

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Dr. WANG Qiangwei


Research Interests

1. The Hebrew Prophetic tradition

2. Ancient Jewish history and culture

3. Comparative religious studies


- B. A. in History Studies, 2009, Humanities General Education Class, Shandong University.

- M. A. in Religious Studies (Judaic Study), 2012, Department of Religious Studies, Shandong University.

- Ph.D. in Religious Studies(Comparative study between Judaic and Confucius thoughts), 2017.

- Visiting Student, 2014-2015, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Academic Activities

- The Conservative Yeshiva 2015 Summer Program in Jerusalem: Hebrew Ulpan and Multi-faith Exploration of Jewish Texts, Jerusalem, Israel, 21st, Jun.-30th, Jul., 2015.

- The 1stGlazer-BGU Israel Studies Seminar for Chinese Students:The Israel Phenomenon: Ancient Culture, Modern State, Ben-Gurion University Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism, Negev, Israel, 27th, Mar.- 3rd, April., 2015.

- The 2014 Summer Academic Exchange Program, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 20th, Jul.-16thAug., 2014.

- Holocaust Education Seminar for Chinese Educators, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel, 15th-29th, Oct., 2012.

Recent Publications

- Wang Qiangwei, Abraham Heschel on Prophets,The World Religious Cultures, No.5, 2018: 72-76.

- Wang Qiangwei, The Prophets in Jewish tradition,Religious Studies, No.4, 2017: 254-58.

- Wang Qiangwei, The Religious Choice of the Jews: From the Perspective of Economics of Religion,Journal of World Peoples Studies, No.4, 2016: 71-76.

- Wang Qiangwei, Fu Youde, Judaic-Confucian Comparative Study: History, Approaches, and Reflections,Journal of Shandong University: Philosophy and Social Science, No.3, 2016:133-39.

- Wang Qiangwei, Is the Judaic-Confucian Comparative Studies Available? From the perspective of the Theory of ‘Axial Age’,Journal of Jewish StudiesChinese, Vol. 13, 2015, pp. 196-205.

- Fu Youde, Wang Qiangwei, ‘A Comparison of Filial Piety in Ancient Judaism and Early Confucianism’,Journal of Chinese Humanities, Vol.1, No.2, 2015: 280-312.

- Wang Qiangwei, Interaction between Cultural Psychology and Social Pattern: Different Approaches of Filial Piety in China and the West,inChinese Social Sciences Today,2018.4.10 (002)

- Wang Qiangwei, The Terminology ‘Justification by Deeds’ Lacks Necessary Theological Support, inChinese Social Sciences Today,2014.3.5 (B01).


-Religion and Civilization

-Introduction to Jewish History and Culture

-Selected Readings of Jewish Classics

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