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Miao Li

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Miao Li (李淼)


Miao Li is an associate professor at Shandong University for sociology. The primary areas of her research are youth culture, class formation, social mobility, moral education, and qualitative research methodology. Her recent work centers on new media, youth culture, rural schooling, and their intersections. Her articles and comments appear in a variety of academic journals and newspaper, includingThe China Quarterly,Information, Communication & Society,Citizenship Studies,Eurasian Geography and Economics,Frontiers of Education in China,Chinese Social Sciences Today,Chinese Education Today, andCultural Review (Beijing). Since 2011, she has serves as an anonymous reviewer for more than ten English and Chinese journals.


Youth Culture, Class Formation, Social Mobility, Moral Education, Qualitative Methodology


Postdoc, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Ph.D., Sociology of Education, State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo/UB)

M.A., Educational Administration, Renmin University of China, P. R. China

B.A., Sociology, Shenyang Normal University, P. R. China


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Feb. 2016-Interviewed byNew Books in Educationfor my book on the citizenship education and migrant youth in Beijing: