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The authority and utility of Spinoza

Date: Oct 12, 2019    Browse: []

Speaker: Professor Dimitris Vardoulakis Time: September 24th (Monday) 15:00-17:00

Venue: 1618, Block A, Zhixin Building

Title: The Authority and Utility of Spinoza

Speaker: Professor Dimitris Vardoulakis

Moderator: Professor Tian Jie

Reporting time: September 24, 2018 (Monday) 15:00-17:00

Reporting location: 1618, Block A, Zhixin Building, Center Campus

The main content of the report:

This article argues that Spinoza is influenced by the philosophy of Ibexu. This is particularly evident in the conflict between the calculation of authority and efficacy. The authority here refers to an image that is not affected by the argument, and the calculation of efficacy is a prerequisite for action. This conflict is quite complicated because we may calculate in some scenarios that it works for us, but let another person put it in authority to help us calculate.

Speaker profile:

Professor Dimitris Vardoulakis, deputy director of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, has published many books and publications in well-known publishing houses.