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Li Yancang

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Li Yancang, male, from Yuncheng, Shandong, who graduated from Shandong university in 2005 with a PhD in Chinese philosophy. Now he is the professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Philosophy and Social development Shandong University, Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy in Shandong University which is the key research institute about humanities& social science of Ministry of Education. His research almost about Chinese philosophy, especially Taoist and Taoism. He teach courses like History of Chinese Philosophy, Selected works of Chinese Philosophy Original, Philosophy about Laozi and Zhuangzi, Taoistic Philosophy, Pre-Qin Confucian Philosophy, Taoist Philosophy, Taoist and Yi-ology which face to undergraduate and graduate. He have been published books like “The Outline of Zhuangzi's Philosophy”,“The deconstruction and reconstruction of the Tao —— From Zhuangzi, Guo xiang’s annotation about Zhuangzi to Cheng xuanying’s re-annotation about Zhuangzi”, “The origin of early quanzhen Taoism” and so on.

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