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LIN Juren

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LIN Juren


Current Position:

  Professor and Chair

  Department of Sociology

  Shandong University

  27 Shanda South Road

  Jinan,Shandong 250100


Education Background:

  Ph.D. Nankai University  1998

  Postgraduate, East China Normal University  1985

  B.S.  Shandong Normal University  1981

Professional Experience:

  Professor, 2003-present, Shandong University

Visiting Scholar, 2001-02, Harvard  University 

Visiting Scholar, 2005-06, York  University(England) 

Research Interests: 

Theory,  Sociology of Science,  Social Network Analysis,  Rural Sociology and Social Development


Recent Publications:

Recent Papers:

2018, Research on the Development and Changes of China's Villages over 40 Years, Journal of Social Development, No.241–54.

2017, A Review of Chinese Rural Social Research in the Past Three Decades: A Content Analysis of 305 Articles about Rural Research in ChinaChinese Sociological DialogueISSN: 2397-2009),Vol.2 (1-2)35–51.

2016, On the Problems and Future of the New Rural Community Development: Based on the Case Analysis of Shandong Province, Journal of South China Normal University(Social Science Edition) , No.5. : 116-121.

2015, On the sociality of space: An inquiry of theoretical topic. Open Times, No.6.: 135-144.

2015, The Rise of Social Constructionism and the Reconstruction of Social Theory. Tianjin Social Sciences, No.5. :58-63.

2015, On the Sociological Theory Implication of Space-time Study: A Perspective of Social Constructionism.  The Journal of Humanities, No.7. :110-115.

2014, The Comparative Study of Eastern Asian Village Development: Experience and Theoretical Reflection. Shandong Social Sciences, No.9. :60-62.

2012, “Villages Combination and the Development of Rural communitization”, The Journal of Humanities, No.1. : 160-164.

2011, “Development of the sociology of science in China and its problems”, Science and Society, Vol.1. No.4.

2009, “A unified view of urban and rural area”, Open Times, No.8.

2008, “On the multiple modernity and its social cultural significance”, Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy, No.6.

2007, Form discourse analysisDAto reflexivity----New development of SSK in UK. Journal of Dialectics of Nature, Vol.29, No.2.

2004, “The cultural implication of pluralistic modernity”, in East Asia’s View on World Culture, Peking University Press.

2003, “In memory of Robert King Merton”, Sociological Research, No.3.

2003, “Sex differentiation in the fruits of scientific researches”, Open Ttimes, No.3.

2000, “The Social Mobility of Urban Resident”(in English, with Wu Zhongmin), Social Science in   China, No.2.



2018, A Century of Change in a Chinese Village. Lanham, ML: Rowman & Littlefield.

2016, A Study of Social Constructionism in the West. Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press.

2013, A Century of Change in a North China Village. Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press.

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