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Dr. Dong Xiuyuan

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Dr. Dong Xiuyuan,Associate Professor atCenter for Judaic and Inter-religious Studies / Department of Religious Studies, School of Philosophy and Social Development, Shandong University.

Research Interests

Medieval Jewish and Islamic Philosophy, Comparative Religion


2010-2014: Ph. D. in Religious Studies, Shandong University. Thesis: “A Study on Maimonides’ Thought of Cosmogony”, supervised by Prof. Fu Youde.

Professional Experience and Appointments

2017-: Associate Professor in Religious Studies, Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies,Department of Religious Studies,Shandong University.

2015-2016: Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Jewish Philosophy, Bar-Ilan University. Research Project: The Translations of Averroes’Long Commentary on Metaphysics, supervised by Prof. Steven Harvey.

Polonsky Academy Fellow, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Research Project: The Presence of Buddhism in Early Kalām Literature.

2013-2014: Noble Group Fellow, W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem. Research Project: Pagan Monotheism in the Late Ancient and Early Islamic Near East.


Journal Papers:

“The Presence of Buddhist Thought in Kalām Literature”,Philosophy East and West, 68:3 (2018): 944-973.

“阿维森纳与阿维罗伊论形而上学的主题”(“Avicenna and Averroes on the Subject-matter of Metaphysics”),Philosophical Research, 12 (2017): 80-88.

“真与是之间:阿威罗伊论阿维森纳的存在-本质区分” (“Averroes on Avicenna’s Distinction of Essence and Existence”),World Philosophy, 05 (2016): 127-133.

“迈蒙尼德的宇宙生成论-先知论”(“Maimonides’ Cosmogony-prophetology”),Xuehai, 05 (2016): 100-104.

“迈蒙尼德论辩证论证及其对建构犹太律法科学的意义”(“Maimonides on Dialectical Argument and Its Significance in the Science of theLaw”),Jewish Studies,vol. 14 (September 2016): 199-210.

“迈蒙尼德论萨比教”(“Maimonides on Sabianism”),Religious Studies, 02 (2015): 272-279;

“伊斯兰经院哲学中的原子论学说探讨”(“Atomic Theory in Islamic Scholasticism”),Studies in World Religions, 04 (2014): 140-148.

“奥古斯丁可能性观念的偶态形而上学分析”(“Augustine on Possibility: An Approach of Metaphysics of Modality”),Journal of Yantai University(Edition of Philosophy and Social Sciences), 01 (2014): 40-47.

“启示一神教经典文本中的‘交易类比’原型探析”(“An Exploration of the Analogy of Trade in the Scriptures of the Revealed Religions”),Jewish Studies, vol. 11 (December 2013): 41-49.

“Maimonides and Zhu Xi on the Role of Classical Norms in the Pursuit of Human Perfection”,Journal of Chinese Philosophy, vol. 45, Issue 3-4 (July 2019), forthcoming.


《法拉比论完美城邦》, Shanghai:East China Normal University Press, 2016. ( Chinese translation ofal-Fārābī’sMabādi’ Ārā’ Ahl al-Madīna al-Fādila)

《律法再述:论知识》, Jinan: Shandong University Press, 2015. (Chinese translation of Maimonides’Mishneh Torah: Sefer ha-Madda)


Office 1723, Zhixin Building A,

Shandong University

27 Shanda Nan Road

Jinan, 250100 China



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